Stories By Rogue - The Big Boys
In which the giants are males of their species

Many of these stories appeared in
Tales of the Macrofurs, Volume 1: The Big Boys
Available in paperback or Kindle versions.

The following tales are told by Rogue and transcribed here for the benefit of the reader. They are not to be distributed or reposted to any other medium without Rogue's express permission. To do so would be to incur Rogue's anger, which constitutes "Risking a Catastrophe," which is a Federal offense.

For the benefit of our readers with sensitive dispositions (although we wonder why such people would be looking at Rogue's page in the first place), we have added alphabetical tags to each story to warn of any content that may cause distress:

  • V. Violence. Buildings are gonna get knocked down and people are gonna get killed.
  • G. Gore. There will be blood, in some cases a lot of it.
  • E. Eating, namely of people (it's a wolf writing these stories, after all).
  • N. Naughtiness. People will be involved in sexual situations, possibly unwillingly.

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<SNAFU. Every now and then Rogue happens across someone who fires his imagination. Such was the case with his friend Snafu (currently on FurAffinity as Snafukurikai, a vulpine soldier who is a bit more than your run-of-the-mill grunt. He's a groundpounder in every sense of the word. Rogue became fascinated with the origin of this fox-in-uniform and, when Snafu admitted he wasn't entirely sure of it himself (bit of amnesia, perhaps), Rogue decided to make one up for him. Now with illustrations by Snafu himself! V-G-N

September. Bullying is still a serious problem in Japanese schools, much moreso than in the West. Young Ichirou suffers terribly at the hands of his classmates. If you live in rural Japan, you really should not push around a shy, introverted classmate, because sometimes a boy who has no friends will find friendship in a place that you really do not want to know about. V-E-N

Unscheduled Stop. Buses and other public transit vehicles are being hijacked, or so is the theory to explain why they have been disappearing. The passengers of one particular bus find out the answer, much to their chagrin. This is a collaboration between Rogue, Mr. Happy, and Beherit, and was inspired by a bit of artwork that Mr. Happy did of the Deviltod tormenting some tiny people he'd caught. Warning: Deviltods are nasty creatures. V-E-G-N

Bàoyìng (Retribution). The ancient dragons Tien-Long and Qing-Long are constantly stealing one another's wine. Which is the guilty party this time, and what happens when humanity is caught in the middle? V

The Find. An archeological discovery proves that some old myths may actually be true...unfortunately. V-N

The Performer. Who exactly is the fox, and what price will his followers pay to see him in person? E

Fire, Ice and Sin. Young Brian's friends drag him off on a unique outing for his eighteenth birthday, where he finds quite a big surprise in store. N

Storm Chaser. A continuation of Storm Warning, in which a desperate driver vows to prove to himself that what he saw on a violently stormy night was real. V

Storm Warning. Rogue experiments with a slightly different literary style, possibly inspired by seeing too many Rod Serling stories. We experience a violent storm through the eyes of someone who probably was never meant to learn what lurks inside the clouds.

A Macrofur's Rules of Civility. Based upon the essay of the same title by George Washington, this is a list of do's and and don't's for giants to follow when in polite company. Somehow we think that Rogue did not come up with these.

Play it Big! A handsome DJ loses his job and quickly fades into obscurity, forgotten by all save for his Number One Fan. Music is a powerful force, however, and when properly played can take on a life of its own. V-E

Laws of the Pack. A day in the life of Duncan Roo, the only one in the world who can keep Rogue in line, although he has a devil of a time with that after a chance encounter with a mysterious voodoo-woman.V

Jailbird. An intergalactic fugitive crash-lands on an alien world where he finds himself in a unique position to do as he pleases with the miniscule natives. .V-E-G-N

The Keeper. Inspired by Jaeger. A hapless traveler discovers that something lurks in the remote woods high in the mountains, something huge, something ancient, something that does not at all like people encroaching on its territory.V-E-G-N

Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter. In a world of giants, life can be hard for those of small stature, particularly when some giants take an intense delight in creating carnage. A ghastly tale of woe from the world of Brobdingnag on our Doorstep V-E-G-N

Brobdingnag On Our Doorstep. The remnants of civilization try to survive in a world that has been defeated and colonized by giants, many of whom treat the little people they find in the most ghastly ways.V-E-G-N

Special Weapons And Tactics. A giant wolf carves a brutal path through the city, his rampage unstoppable...until he encounters S.W.A.T. Officer Bradley.V-E

Delusions of Grandeur. What would you do if you were granted the power to place a tiny town and all of its inhabitants at your mercy, with no witnesses? V-E-G-N

A Wanton God. An innocent park-goer catches the attention of a bizarre creature from afar who likes to toy with human beings, once he has made them small enough.V-E-G-N

The Great Alien Invasion Cover-Up. The government would have you believe that a giant lion never appeared on the Mall in Washington, DC. Never happened, they say.

God of War. Gideon created an incredibly haunting image of Hachiman, the God of War. It has been included as a frontispiece to the story that it inspired.

The Court-Martial of Captain Alastair Mackay (D.V.M.). Another companion piece to Die Donnerhuf (on the "Big Gals" page), this time in a more light-hearted vein. With the Axis powers creating gigantic creatures to use as weapons of war, the Australian government struggles to produce one of their own. Unfortunately, the project encounters quite a few unexpected hurdles.V (Illustrated by Gideon, with a guest appearance by a certain iconic megamacropod from Down Under.)

Project Okaeshi. A companion piece to Die Donnerhuf (on the "Big Gals" page). While Hitler's scientists work on their terror weapon, a reluctant General Kayama is placed in charge of creating a similar weapon for the Imperial Japanese Army. V-E

Tegu. An epic tale told in four chapters. An American biologist travels to South America hoping to make the discovery of a lifetime. That discovery is both earth-shattering and bigger than he ever imagined. V

Star Wars: Episode Two-and-a-Half. A Star Wars fan-fic once described as the silliest thing since Dan Quayle. Imagine Rogue in training to be a Jedi Knight...

Dubwana's Freshman Summer. Dubwana settles in to college life with his new friend and begins to explore the different ways that people of different backgrounds -- and sizes -- may relate. N

Dubwana the Freshman. A college student is thrilled to learn that a new student is on the way, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "big man on campus." (With illustration by Teaselbone.)

The Holocene Extinction. Did you ever wonder what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, or the great mastodons? Wonder no more, because it is about to happen again. . V-E-G-N

Blessed are the Meek. A sad story of a poor and abused member of a disenfranchised species who believes he has found a way to get back at the society which has scorned him. V

In Tribute. Have you read Havoc yet? If not, we strongly recommend that you do so before reading this sequel to the story of a marauding dragon brought to modern civilization. V-G-E-N (With illustration by Teaselbone.)

Havoc. A dragon is rudely interrupted during his mating flight and takes his frustrations out on the puny beings who ruined his date. V-G-E-N

The Fisherman and the Child of the Sun. An epic tale told in four chapters. Uaxac is just a simple fisherman until the day that the colossal T'unu-kan arrives from the heavens and life is forever changed for the Maya. V-G-E-N (With illustrations by Ken Sample and Teaselbone.)

Lessons to be Learned. Wurragurr's tribe suffers greatly from raids by the cruel Dingoes until Father Crow grants him the ability to turn the tables. V

Veni, Vorare, Vici. Wolfmech returns with some modifications and just as much in need of fuel, but he encounters much more than he anticipated when he sets his sights on a fresh, ripe city. V-E

The Ultimate Weaspon for Peace. Wolfmech, the war machine, appeared on FurryMuck one day and instantly captured Rogue's imagination with the single line, "It is designed to use enemy troops for fuel." V-G-E

The Return of Spirit-Wolf. An elderly Indian makes his way to a city that is under attack by an ancient spirit bent on teaching the White Man a harsh lesson. V-E-G

Chune's Island. A pristine Pacific island falls prey to modern development, much to the annoyance of the original owner. V-E

Dies Irae. The events of September 11, 2001, left all of America shocked and saddened -- even Rogue. This story reflects his own sense of loss and helplessness that day which is beautifully captured in a frontispiece illustration by Scott Eldred.

Reverse Engineering. Dz'isu Construction Company not only erects buildings. They also perform demolitions. Something goes wrong, however... V-G-N (With illustrations by Ken Sample.)

Fifteen Minute Break. The foreman of the Dz'isu Construction Company is like nothing Victor has ever seen before. For one thing, when he is around they do not need a crane. N (With illustrations by Ken Sample.)

Afternoon at Number Twenty-One. A helpless man is attacked by a massive beast and held prisoner in his home. More shocking than what he must endure is who sent the demon to torment him. Written for Rangarig Rex N (With illustrations by Josef Jones).

Xydexx's Thanksgiving Trip. A silly little tale of a lovestruck balloon-animal who searches for his dream-date at the Thanksgiving Day Parade. V-E-N

Behind the Scenes. A Dragonheart fan-fic. Actors, including Draco, relax between takes. This story is properly PG, but there's a naughty version here for those who like the N tag.

Grounded. A sequel to Bunnies at Play. Ken steps out of line one time too many and gets sent to his room, where he takes out his frustrations on some of the crawlies he brought home. V-G-N

Bunnies at Play. What could be more cute and innocent than two bunnies looking for a way to spend a lazy Summer afternoon? V-G-E

Ryon 2. Ryon can't wait to get home to find out what more he can do with his new toys. V-G-E-N

Ryon. A young lion makes a few surprising discoveries when he encounters some interesting little playthings. V-G-E-N