Fire, Ice, and Sin

©2009 Rogue
(Inspired by the artwork of Gideon)

Kong was the only word Brian could think of to describe the man at the gate. Each of his arms was bigger around than Brian's waist. "This doesn't look like you," he growled, squinting.

Brian tried not to stammer. His driver's license looked like a postage stamp clutched in the man's meaty fingers. "Honest!" he said. "I let my hair grow out. Look, see?" He slid his mop back with both hands and pressed it tight to his head. "How's that?"

Kong squinted harder. "You sure you're eighteen?"

Andrew, who reeked of marijuana and was almost sure to get all of them thrown out, threw an arm around Brian's shoulder. "Come on, Man! Give him a break. It's his birthday today. Our little boy is finally a man! Tell you what: let's..."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever." Kong thrust the license back into Brian's hands. "Happy birthday, Kid," he grunted as he waved the group impatiently through. "Next! Come on, keep it moving," he barked at the hundreds who had piled up behind.

Brian sighed with relief, even though he was still not sure he was all that happy to be there. It was nice of his housemates to take him out for his eighteenth, but this place definitely did not look like his type of scene. It did not help that none of them would give him even a clue what sort of place this was. "A club" was all that they would tell him. What kind of bullshit was that? They were in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by trees, no sign of a building anywhere around, and with enough chain link and barbed wire to make it look like he was being checked into a concentration camp.

Andrew must have sensed Brian's uneasiness. "Come on, Babyface, you're gonna love it!" He craned his neck and called back to the other two. "You dumbfucks didn't forget anything, did you?"

"Who are you calling a dumbfuck, Dumbfuck?" Brant nodded to the overstuffed bags he had been hauling around since the parking lot. "Plastic sheets, rainslickers times four, wet-naps, check. Kurt's got the markers and foamcore under his arm."

Brian was even more worried now. "This isn't that show where the guy smashes watermelons with a sledgehammer, is it?" he groaned.

Kurt and Brant burst out laughing while Andrew laid a brotherly hand on Brian's shoulder. "My son," he said somberly, "watermelons are for children." He grinned mischievously and tousled Brian's hair. "Today you are a man!"

The fence on either side of them narrowed to an alley that forced them to walk in single-file. A man with the faded words "event staff" stenciled on his shirt brandished a fistful of cheap pens in one hand and a stack of papers in another. "Releases!" he barked. "Take one and pass'em along, Folks. No admission without a signed release. Releases! Take one and pass'em along, Folks. No admission without a signed release."

Brian peered at the minute legalese. "Indemnify and hold harmless...any and all...injuries...damage to person or property. Jeezus, Guys, what have you gotten me into?"

"Relax, Boy, just relax! It's just some legal bullshit that they need to have from everyone." Andrew thrust a pen into Brian's hand. "Just sign it and trust me. Nobody's ever gotten seriously hurt at one of these things."

"Not seriously, anyway," Kurt piped up.

"Ignore him, Brian," Andrew crooned. "Just sign the stupid thing. Come on, there's people waiting."

Reluctantly, Brian scrawled his signature. Within seconds he was being whisked through the gate and into a huge open field packed with humanity and brilliantly lit by blazing stadium lights all around. "Hey, where's the stage?" He stumbled a little as Andrew dragged him by the arm and the others pushed from behind. "And where's the seats?"

His friends only laughed. Behind him he heard Kurt snickering, "Oh, Man, he's going to totally freak out!" and then he was hemmed in by people on all sides. The crowd was cheering and shrieking and surging from one side to the other while a raucous beat thudded from speakers somewhere on the far side of the fence.

"Here, put this on!" Andrew said, handing Brian a cheap plastic raincoat, one of those that comes in a package the size of a matchbook that it can never fit into again. "Keep the hood up. Believe me, you'll need it."

Kurt and Brant were already wearing theirs, and Kurt was even sporting a pair of safety goggles swiped from Professor Malkov's chemistry lab. All around them others were donning similar gear, while a few looked ready to brave the elements unprotected.

The blaring lights abruptly dimmed and the crowd let out a roar. "Ladies and Gentlemen!" a voice intoned. "They're huge, they're unbelievable, and they're here! Give it up for the wildest, the sexiest, the most gargantuan sex-kittens ever to walk to the face of the Earth: Fire, Ice, and Sin!"

The noise of the crowd was nearly drowned out by a raucous electric guitar riff that echoed four times while spots swirled crazily and the stadium lights flashed as though an epileptic had taken hold the switch, then abruptly everything went dark. A few female voices squealed and were answered by rude cackles. The speakers droned an ominous bass progression that was punctuated by a heavy thud that for some reason brought a new round of cheers and hoots from the crowd. Brian peered into the darkness but could not even make out the silhouette of anyone around him. He could hear Andrew giggling, though, and tried to stick close.

That thud came again and the music began to build, then came another thud that Brian could feel through his legs. Another, stronger now, and another, stronger still. They came more frequently, each one heavier than the last, until it seemed the ground under Brian's feet was being shaken apart. The music reached a dramatic and grating crescendo. The stadium lights faded in and then blared blindingly.

The crowd went wild. All that Brian could say was "Jesus Fucking Christ!"

They stood with their backs to the crowd, their lean bodies clad only in short, dense fur whose striking colors made it obvious how they had gotten their names. Fire and Ice stood on opposite sides of the field to the east and west, with midnight-black Sin standing due north. Brian had not seen any stage when he entered because no stage was needed. Each of the three stood taller than a ten story building.

Andrew suddenly seized Brian's arm. "What do you think, Man?" he laughed. "Is this fucking awesome or what?"

"What the hell are they?" Brian sputtered. "Are they...are they animatronic or something? They're moving!"

The music had switched to a low and pounding beat to which each of the giants began to sway in unison. As their hips rocked from side to side their long, furry tails swung with a low swooshing sound. A few eager spectators kept jumping up and trying to touch the tails as they swept overhead. The music swelled, as did the motion of the massive bodies, their shoulders swinging now.

Brian's eyes trailed along Ice's back, where the fur flowed like ocean waves over rippling muscles beneath, past the round curves of the giant's rump, and his breath caught. Something else was swaying in the darkness just beyond the reach of the stadium lights, between the giant's thighs. "Fucking Hell," he choked. "Is that...?"

"Just keep watching," Andrew giggled, and then turned to Kurt. "Twenty bucks says he pukes!"

Kurt's response went unheard beneath the ringing onslaught of thousands of voices hollering at the same time. All three giants turned at once to face into the crowd. Brian felt as though a hot poker was being run through his gut. They were feline, all of them, their ears tall and pointy, muzzles whiskered, eyes glittering with slit-pupiled mischief. The rest of them was human enough apart from the fur, right down to the part that kept Brian from noticing anything else. "Enormous" did not begin to tell the story. Between each one's legs swung a slab of meat as big as an SUV.

"Oh, man, he's gonna lose it!" Kurt guffawed. "You owe me twenty bucks, Dude!"

Brian held on, though, while the giants danced to the music, their svelte forms gyrating in place, their immense members swinging with audible slaps against their thighs, and the crowd howling its appreciation through it all until the final chord brought them out in thundering applause. Smiling coyly, the giants folded their arms over their chests and held themselves perfectly motionless until the next song fired up. As the opening chords blasted from the speakers Sin unfolded his arms and lowered them to his sides, fists clenched. Curling his muzzle into a smirk he slowly lowered his gaze to the crowd, and even more slowly he raised a massive foot and swung it forward, its shadow falling upon the heads of those below.

"Holy shit!" Brian cried, but he could not hear his own words over the crowd. He expected to see people clawing at one another in sudden panic as the great paw pads began to descend, but instead the crowd neatly parted, forming a gap into which the giant's foot fit almost perfectly as it landed. Sin's muscles bulged as his weight shifted onto that foot and rolled forward with his next step. The tips of his toes swept low over the crowd, most of whom ducked down while others reached up and swatted at the passing digits in miniscule high-fives. His foot halted, poised aloft, while below it the crowd again pushed back and left just enough room for it to come down, its impact sending a murmuring shudder through the earth.

The crowd behind Brian suddenly shoved him forward and he stumbled, fighting to keep his balance. He twisted around, ready to belt someone for roughhousing with him, when the reason for the surge became terrifyingly clear. So fixated had he been on Sin that he had not seen Fire wading into the crowd behind him. Now, all that he could see was the red feline's muscular leg rising like a pillar of flame nearby. Overhead the sole of Fire's foot hovered ominously, practically filling the sky. Somewhere he heard someone shouting, "Move it, move it!" and he allowed himself to be prodded out of the way.

An oblong patch of open grass formed, growing wider and wider as the spectators pushed back, the shadow of the descending foot falling into it. There was a low thud and the ground shook vigorously as Fire's heel impacted the ground. When his toes began to fall there was a flash of movement and a spectator stumbled awkwardly forward, falling on his face in the darkness of that shadow. Before anyone could react the great toes came down and the spectator vanished from view. A collective gasp rose from the crowd. Someone screamed.

Fire did not even flinch. His towering leg paused, shifted backward and his toes lifted skyward again, his foot rocking back on its heel. The crowd shouted with relief when the spectator, dazed but apparently intact, crawled shakily from beneath the looming pads and emerged back into the light, where he was helped to his feet and dusted off by his cohorts.

"Whoa," someone next to Brian said shakily. "Did you see that?"

"Now you know why you signed a release," someone else answered.

With the way clear Fire stepped down again, this time letting his full weight ease forward onto his toes. His heel lifted and his foot rose smoothly into the air, leaving an impression behind into which people poured, erasing any sign that a giant had just passed through. Brian stared straight up as the firm rump flexed, the giant's tail sweeping and dancing behind him to help maintain the balance that had no doubt kept that hapless spectator alive. He was still staring as the great curves tensed and began to sink toward the ground. Brian thought for a moment that the titan was going to sit on the crowd, but instead Fire settled carefully down into a squat. The tip of his colossal penis dropped into the midst of the crowd and there was a frenzy of activity as little figures crowded around and began to press themselves against it, caressing, fawning, some even licking.

Kurt made an exaggerated retching sound. "Oh God, here's where it really starts to get sick!" he sneered. "Hey, Brian, you wanna go up there and help them?"

"Heh. No way," Brian said. He tried to hide a fidget.

Andrew caught Brian's hand. "Hey, Kurt, grab Brant. We've got to get around where he can see us."

"What? Why?" But his friends did not answer as they hustled Brian forward, squeezing their way urgently through the crowd. Slowly they inched past Fire's left foot until they could plainly see the throng of admiring fans worshipping Fire's penis. Their attention was obviously very pleasing to the giant. The heft bulk was growing even larger. As Brian's friends pushed him into position the mighty shaft began to rise up away from the crowd. They tried to follow it, standing on tiptoe, raising their hands as high as they could to continue their caresses, but inevitably it rose out of their reach and kept going, and the crowd let out a squeal of delight as the member reached its full awesome erection. Brian could feel the heat radiating from it, and even at a distance of several yards its musk was almost overpowering.

All at once Andrew shouted, "OK, now!" and he and the others began to wave the big foamcore squares that Brandt had been toting all evening. "Fire!" they shouted in unison. "Hey, Fire! Look down here! Down here!"

Somehow over the general clamor they managed to catch the giant's attention. Fire lowered his head and fixed a curious gaze on them. Brian grabbed at Brant's arm and pulled it down long enough to see that he had written "18 today!" on the sign, and he noticed Kurt and Andrew pointing gleefully in his direction. Horrified, Brian saw the big cat's eyes widen for a moment, and then narrow. Fire nodded and smiled unnervingly.

"No way! Hold it, guys!" he pleaded.

Andrew would have none of it. "Uh-oh! Look out, Brian, I think he likes yooouuuu!"

A shadow fell over him as Fire's hand approached. Brian screamed in terror and started trying to push through the crowd to escape but they turned on him, holding him in place while laughing cruelly. "Let me go! Please, let me go!" he cried, and they did, backing away abruptly and freeing Brian for all of a half second before two warm slabs of leather squeezed around his sides. He kicked wildly as he was hoisted high over the heads of the crowd, and suddenly he being held before Fire's muzzle, the cat's breath making his raincoat flutter noisily, Brian's terrified face reflecting in each big yellow eye.

Fire smirked. A pink tongue snaked from between his lips and slithered its way up beneath Brian's raincoat. Brian let out a yelp and kicked harder while the crowd below cheered and, egged on by Andrew, started to chant his name. Fire's tongue pressed inquisitively against Brian's torso, then his thighs. One of those great yellow eyes winked at him.

Brian's breath caught in his throat. He prayed that the people below, and especially his friends, could not see what he was desperately trying to keep hidden. He was as hard as Fire was, and the cat knew it.

Down below, Kurt was holding up a sign that boldly read "JERK OFF!" It seemed to Brian's intense dismay that Fire was giving that notion some serious consideration, but instead, he surrounded Brian in a firm but surprisingly comfortable fist and rose to his full height. Slowly he stepped forward, moving with the same careful, measured tread as before, the crowd opening a space for each footfall and then swallowing it up afterward. Ice and Sin were doing the same, all three moving toward the center of the field.

Brian squirmed anxiously and Fire's grip tightened around him. It was hard to tell if that was meant as reassurance or as a threat. The other two were soon looming over him, leering down at him like the cats who were about to eat the canary. Sin was larger than the others, and before Brian's eyes he began to grow even taller, or so it seemed until Brian realized that Fire was crouching down again.

Craning his neck, Brian peered down over the edge of Fire's hand. Sin was standing ankle-deep in the crowd, the tiny people pressed in around his feet as though the giant feline was just another spectator. The crowd was surging again, pushing back, forming two open areas now into which Fire's knees settled. His mammoth erection bobbed ponderously. The people below were barely fast enough to hoist their plastic sheeting over their heads as a bucketful of thin fluid squirted from the tip of the giant's erection and splattered down on them.

Brian's felt his stomach lurch as the hand holding him dropped abruptly, sweeping down past the enormous shaft, the crowd below waving to Brian and clapping. Fire's grip about him relaxed and Brian slid downward, falling past the warm pads and landing awkwardly on his feet. A squealing teenage girl hugged him fiercely and kissed him on the cheek. "Happy birthday!" she shrilled and the crowd cheered. Brian hardly noticed. The light had dimmed again, and this time when he looked up he saw the white fur of Fire's belly stretching over him. The big cat rested on all fours now with his gigantic erection bobbing overhead, its oozing tip seeming to point straight toward Brian.

Boom, boom, and Ice's knees came down between Fire's. Boom, boom, and Sin's knees landed just ahead of the red cat's hands.

The crowd was in a frenzy, gibbering and hooting and shrieking with delight. Brian barely heard any of it through the rush of blood in his ears. Even as the crowd jostled around him he stood rock-still, gaping up at the immense organ, watching as Ice's hand closed slowly around it and squeezed another barrelful of syrup forth. His face felt as red as Fire's hide. He felt more than heard the thundering groan from above as Ice's enormous malehood bobbed behind Fire's scrotum, probed, and began to cram its way inside. The air itself pounded with the force of Fire's heartbeat: thud, thud, thud. Behind him Sin's enormous shaft vanished yard after yard into Fire's mouth. The air itself pounded with the force of Brian's heartbeat: thud, thud, thud. The gigantic body above him began to rock to and fro, the mighty testicles swinging heavily, a thick pink shaft at either end of Fire's body appearing and disappearing over and over in a colossal rhythm, the air choked with musk, his bones rattling from the giant's lustful voices, his own head spinning wildly.

Brian came at the very same time that Fire did, the thick torrent crashing down on him from above and battering him down onto his back, hammering him over and over and over with the power of liquid lust. When the pounding ended Fire's semen lay upon him like a leaden blanket. His mouth was filled with it; he swallowed to keep from choking and struggled to lift his arms. He could feel the heavy cream oozing down onto his shoulders as he mopped feebly at his face, gasping for air as soon as he cleared his mouth.

Something heavy settled on his legs and then dragged rapidly upward, sweeping away the weight and letting Brian catch a welcome lungful of air. The weight swept over him again, harder this time. He felt his shirt being hoisted up and then tugged straight off of his body, his arms flopping weakly over his head. Wiping at his eyes he managed to clear them just enough to see a beachtowel-sized tongue lay upon his legs and slide up over his torso, burying his face for an alarming moment before gliding up over his brow.

Fire's teeth loomed over him, a Cheshire Cat grin with the cat still attached. Brian's shirt, soaked and sticky, dangled from a fang as long as Brian's arm. Numbly he reached for it but Fire lifted his head, hoisting the shirt just out of Brian's reach. Even with the music blaring all around he could hear the giant's voice thundering in his ears as well as he could feel it in his chest.

"You can claim this backstage," Fire purred. A big yellow eye winked and he added, "Happy Birthday!"

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