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Click. "... ued a tornado warning for the following areas: Northern Wayne County..."

Come on.

"...extreme Southern Dauphin County..."

Come on.

"...Skywarn activation is requested..."

Come on!

" The National Weather Service is reporting an unspecified technical issue with the Doppler Radar..." YES! Finally! Where have you been, you big son of a bitch?

"... precludes pinpointing the exact location of the tornado."

No shit, Sherlock. Haven't you figured it out by now? There's nothing the hell wrong with your radar.

Nothing at all. It's working perfectly well.

It's just that there isn't any tornado for it to detect.

I'm coming for you, Asshole.

Stupid map. All right. Wayne. Dauphin. He's moving northeast, just like before. Not much out there, but...

Aha! Macklinville. Right in his path.

"Directory Assistance. What city, please?"

"Macklinville. I need the number for Department of Emergency Services right away. Anything like that -- police, fire, you name it."

Don't even try to tell them the truth. Last time they just hung up. God, so many dead. "Radio Room, Corporal Ludwig."

"Corporal, this is Skywarn. I have a tornado on the ground about six miles due west of your location. You need to get your people underground immediately."

"Yes, Sir, tornado six miles west. Direction and speed?"

Um. "Unknown. Ah, it is too dark to determine."

"Ten-four. Can I have your Skywarn I.D. number please?

Oh, crap. "I can't get to it. It's, uh, in my wallet, and...look, just hit the sirens and get your people underground!"

Please buy it. Please.

"All right, Sir, I'll have to get NWS confirmation."

"There's no...listen, their radar is out of whack! They can't confirm anything! I'm telling you, I'm looking at the damned thing right now!"

"Isn't it dark out?"

Shit. Shit! "Look, please..."

"Thank you for the information, Sir. We'll send our spotters out to confirm your report."

"No! Don't send anyone out!"


"Don't. Please." Oh, God, no. They won't even have a chance to warn anyone.

They'll be the first to die.

Damn it. Damn it! DAMN IT!

Map. Macklinville. I can make it there in fifteen minutes. Ten if I floor it.

Is that even enough time?

Fuck it. Let's roll.


I'm not sick. I know what I saw. I saw him. I know I saw him. They figured it was a tornado but nobody else saw it, did they? Anyone who saw him didn't live to tell about it. Nobody but me, but no one believed me. Not even Susan. Why would they? Monsters in the dark? But still I know what I saw.


Tried to have me committed. Gave me pills. Susan took the kids, wouldn't let them talk to me. Friends stopped answering the phone. That therapist with that sappy sympathetic smile. Shouldn't have punched him so hard but damn, he deserved it.


I know what I saw. Tonight I'll prove it. You're going down, Motherfucker.


Here comes the rain. Wipers can hardly keep up. No choice, gotta slow down. Please let me make it in time.

Dark as hell. Power's out. Is this it? Stores, gas station. This must be it. Nothing else on the map.

"Oh, shit!"

What the hell? Was that a piece of roof? Windshield is smashed. Can't see. Have to get out. Christ, that rain feels like hammers hitting me. Oh, fuck, it took out the spotlight. On, off, nothing.

Lightning? Come on, give me a good flash.


Oh. Oh, my God.

He's here. He's right here.

Crashing. Splintering. Screaming.

"Run! For God's sake, run!"



Jesus Christ. They can't run. He's got them.


He's going to eat them alive. I can't stop it.

No, he's...Flash!...he's putting them, he's...

Oh Christ. Oh Jesus fucking Christ! Don't fall over lean forward quicklychurngagooooohhhhhh....cough...God, please, it can't be.

Screaming still. They aren't dying. He's making them last.

"You." You sick, sick fuck! Monster! How can you do this? Those are human beings, for God's sake! They aren't your goddamn toys! How can you possibly get off on this?

Stop it!

"Stop it!"

There's his foot. Bigger than I remember it. Let's go. Let's see if you feel this, you bastard!

"I said stop it! For Christ's sake, let them go!"

Eyes. He's looking at me. I can feel it.

"Who the fuck do you think you are? Go back to Hell!"

Where did that foot go?


Oh. Oh, I see. You're gonna step on me. Is that it?

"Go ahead. I still win, Motherfucker! You hear that? I saw you! I win!"

I saw you.

"I win."

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