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October 17, 2021

Uploaded another story which no one will read, except for a few folks who over the years will be searching the internet for macrofurry stuff and will stumble upon this page and who will actually do more than just download all the pictures and move on.

New Stories -- The Big Boys:

  • Making a Monster. Rogue was approached by a fellow giant who asked him to help write that fellow's origin story. The megawolf doesn't usually take story commissions, but something about this one clicked, and he happily undertook it. It's what happens when a closet macrophile who spends his time cruising the internet for kaiju videos gets an opportunity to help make them.V-G-E-N

March 28, 2020

There was a plan to reboot the Megamorphics APA, but it never got off the ground. This story was written for it, and with everything shutting down due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Rogue figured he might as well post it, just to give him something to do.

New Stories -- The Big Boys:

  • Dragon-8. The story of a boy and his bot...well, not really. More that of a battle-weary soldier piloting his war machine through a war-torn world, and the odd relationship between the natural and the artificial intelligences. They get to spend a lot of time together; there's no need to return to base for supplies since the mech is designed to produce everthing needed for both it and its pilot to function, and to use a variety of materials -- such as enemy troops -- as fuel. V-E

February 24, 2020

Rogue is very excited to present a collaboration between his big furry self and the remarkable artist and storyteller SixSydes, which includes an illustration.

New Stories -- The Big Boys:

  • Eminent Domain. One of the best macro-creators out there (as of this writing) is known as SixSydes We say "best" in that he not only has a terrific talent for creating some very eye-catching artwork of giant creatures, but he spends a good deal of time in creating backstories to accompany his work. Rarely does he produce an image without also dreaming up a tale to go along with it. Rogue was very eager to collaborate with him, having been greatly inspired by his art, and the result is this little narrative about days long past, when a representative of the trading company Guinard and Sons found himself faced with some very impolite squatters who had taken over some land belonging to his employer, and who then went to great lengths to try to evict them before said employer took matters into his own hands. Includes an illustration kindly provided by SixSydes himself! V

March 28, 2019

Another old story was resurrected, this one taking place in the Brobdingnag on our Doorstep universe and serving to tie together some of Rogue's oldest works. It was written in 2008, but is only released now because the big wolf felt like it. Remember the donation link at the end of the last story? Not a rotten dime. Folks are perfectly fine with consuming what is given to them but they aren't interested in paying for it. Well, that's ok. That is sort of what a megawolf does anyway, isn't it?

New Stories -- The Big Gals:

  • Fire and Shadow. Taking place in the universe of Brobdingnag on our Doorstep (found on this page) this is the story of another survivor of the Giant Holocaust, one who manages to stay alive across multiple chapters. For now, Chapter 1 is available. If there's interest, we'll see how many more chapters our hero can survive. V-G

May 29, 2017

The megawolf resurrects an older, unpublished story which was written when he was in a particularly misanthropic mood -- well, moreso than usual. This one also serves as a bit of a test. There's a donation link at the end. We intend to find out if these stories are worth enough to people to throw in a few dollars, or if they are only good enough to be handed out for free. If they're not good enough to pay for, well, then we'll know how much a megawolf's efforts are worth.

New Stories -- The Big Gals:

  • So To The Gods Are We. Something causes a number of athletes to vanish from a competition. While the world struggles to figure out what happens, those athletes discover just how human beings might be looked upon by a race of alien giants. V-N

New Stories -- The Big Guys:

March 24, 2017

It's 2017? Whoa. That means that it has been twenty-five years since I wrote my first macrofur tale. Greymuzzle city, man. Anyway, here's a new story. Call it my 25th anniversary tale. It's a collaborative effort between me and a friend who shares many of my views on life.

New Stories -- The Big Guys:

  • SNAFU. Every now and then Rogue happens across someone who fires his imagination. Such was the case with his friend Snafu (currently on FurAffinity as Snafukurikai, a vulpine soldier who is a bit more than your run-of-the-mill grunt. He's a groundpounder in every sense of the word. Rogue became fascinated with the origin of this fox-in-uniform and, when Snafu admitted he wasn't entirely sure of it himself (bit of amnesia, perhaps), Rogue decided to make one up for him. V-G-N

December 01, 2016

Wow, it's been quite a while since the last story came out. Well, here's a new one. Didn't like the wait? Well, it ain't like you're paying for them, so pipe down before I squash you.

New Stories -- The Big Guys:

  • September. This one comes along because a megawolf's big ol' heart got touched hearing stories of how serious the bullying problem is in Japanese schools, particularly in more rural areas. You think you had it bad because Johnny Schnotzengruber threw your sneakers up over the power line? That's a cake walk compared to how badly poor Ichirou suffers. And sometimes, when a kid doesn't have any friends, he'll seek out friendship elsewhere. And sometimes he finds it in a place where you don't want to go. V-E

August 26, 2015

Just one story to update. It's getting harder to find time to write these days. Maybe as a big wolf gets older, time moves faster. This time around, however, the newest story is quite a brutal one. It's what happens when Rogue gets inspired by Mr. Happy who gets inspired by Beherit, who is the Devil incarnate in vulpine form. BONUS: this one even comes with illustrations!

New Stories -- The Big Guys:

  • Unscheduled Stop. Buses and other public transit vehicles are being hijacked, or so is the theory to explain why they have been disappearing. The passengers of one particular bus find out the answer, much to their chagrin. This is a collaboration between Rogue, Mr. Happy, and Beherit, and was inspired by a bit of artwork that Mr. Happy did of the Deviltod tormenting some tiny people he'd caught. Warning: Deviltods are nasty creatures. V-E-G-N

November 16, 2014

Finally got time for another update. I've decided not to continue updating the "Pictures of Rogue" section. There's so many of them nowadays, all scattered about in places like Furaffinity and SoFurry and Inkbunny. It's too much to keep up with, and those sites are much easier to search and navigate these days. Of course, 99.98% of the visitors to this site are looking for pictures. The remaining 0.02% might be here for the stories, and those I will keep updating periodically. I expect to see a very heavy dropoff in web traffic, though. I still believe that the printed word is a dead art. I only write these days for my own amusement, and for that of a few friends who still like to read.

There are four new stories this time. I still write for an APA that comes out quarterly (and I'll bet that the vast majority of readers have no idea what an APA is. It's an "Amateur Press Association." Google it) so there are roughly four stories cranked out each year. I will try to put them up as they come out, but as megawolves get older they get lazier. After all, as of this update I have been writing for twenty-two years, longer than some fans have been alive. Graymuzzle, indeed.

New Stories -- The Big Guys:

  • Bàoyìng (Retribution). The ancient dragons Tien-Long and Qing-Long are constantly stealing one another's wine. Which is the guilty party this time, and what happens when humanity is caught in the middle?

  • The Find. An archeological discovery proves that some old myths may actually be true...unfortunately.

  • The Performer. Who exactly is the fox, and what price will his followers pay to see him in person?

New Stories -- The Big Gals: (or in this case, "Miscellaneous")

  • They Don't Come Back. A cautionary tale about listening to your elders. What happens when a group of young men ignore the dire warnings of what they believe to be a dotty old man, and venture into the mountains in search of adventure.

December 21, 2013

Back in 2009 I was approached by a publisher who wanted to make a printed collection of my work. After the initial "hurrr??" my response was "yeahyeahyeah!" I took what I considered to be the best of my stories and invested an enormous amount of time and energy in re-editing, re-proofing, and re-formatting them for publication. The result, with a cover by the delightful Crux Lo, was initially very satisfying -- there's nothing quite like seeing one's name in print! Tales of the Macrofurs Volume 1 - the Big Boys came out in 2010, and it was quite a thrill to see tiny people with copies in their hands as they fled before my feet.

Trouble is, the printed word is a dead art. People do not read anymore, let alone buy books. I always knew that my fan-base was quite small based on the number of people who actually clicked on stories I'd posted online vs those who just came here to get off on the artwork I posted. Seeing actually publication returns made it painfully aware of just how small it was indeed. In the interim I had taken down many of my female-oriented stories in preparation for a Volume 2, but simply put, I just couldn't find the motivation to put so much work into it knowing how tiny the return would be. After spending nearly a year preparing an epic novella that I intended to be the centerpiece of the volume, I came to the conclusion that I was simply never going to find the energy it would take to prepare all of the other works for print.

So I have put them all back, and permanently shelved any plans for Tales of the Macrofurs Volume 2. I took the time to re-organize the story page a little bit, sorting the tales in the same way that they were arranged for publication -- males on one page, females (etc.) on another, collaborations on a third, and so on. You will find them laid out more of less chronologically on the new index pages I have created, with the newest at the top.

Before you go asking about pictures, yes, I've got dozens of them that people have made for me, but I've not bothered to put them up. Someday I may get around to collecting them and uploading them and doing a massive update for those who aren't interested in my writing and would rather just see me whomping people into the ground with my dick. Yeah. Come closer. I'll show you how that's done.

New Stories -- The Big Guys:

  • Fire, Ice and Sin. Young Brian's friends drag him off on a unique outing for his eighteenth birthday, where he finds quite a big surprise in store.N

  • Storm Chaser. A continuation of Storm Warning, in which a desperate driver vows to prove to himself that what he saw on a violently stormy night was real. V

  • Storm Warning. Rogue experiments with a slightly different literary style, possibly inspired by seeing too many Rod Serling stories. We experience a violent storm through the eyes of someone who probably was never meant to learn what lurks inside the clouds.

New Stories -- The Big Gals:

  • Itzy and Jake. What would you do if you were the only thing standing between the survival of humanity and the wrath of an ancient goddess? Jake unwittingly releases one and finds himself in that self-same predicament. This novella was intended to be the centerpiece of Tales of the Macrofurs Volume 2, but with that project cancelled we figured we would just present it here.V-E-N

  • Haydara. An abused and neglected woman is given a magical chance to take revenge on all those who have wronged her. Will she give in to temptation? V-E-N

  • Two vignettes: No word for worry and Window Seat. Just two brief fictionlets about monstrous beings and their introduction to -- and interaction with -- the species known as "humanity."