Stories By Rogue - The Big Gals
In which the giants are females of their species
(also giant couples, and "miscellaneous")

The following tales are told by Rogue and transcribed here for the benefit of the reader. They are not to be distributed or reposted to any other medium without Rogue's express permission. To do so would be to incur Rogue's anger, which constitutes "Risking a Catastrophe," which is a Federal offense.

For the benefit of our readers with sensitive dispositions (although we wonder why such people would be looking at Rogue's page in the first place), we have added alphabetical tags to each story to warn of content that may cause distress:

  • V. Violence. Buildings are gonna get knocked down and people are gonna get killed.
  • G. Gore. There will be blood.
  • E. Eating, namely of people (it's a wolf writing these stories, after all).
  • N. Naughtiness. People will be involved in sexual situations, possibly unwillingly.

Rogue likes to get feedback on his stories, too. It makes him happy. We like to keep him happy. Please feel free to send any comments to and we will be certain he gets them.

So To The Gods Are We. Something causes a number of athletes to vanish from a competition. While the world struggles to figure out what happens, those athletes discover just how human beings might be looked upon by a race of alien giants. V-N

They Don't Come Back. A cautionary tale about listening to your elders. What happens when a group of young men ignore the dire warnings of what they believe to be a dotty old man, and venture into the mountains in search of adventure. V-E

Itzy and Jake. What would you do if you were the only thing standing between the survival of humanity and the wrath of an ancient goddess? Jake unwittingly releases one and finds himself in that self-same predicament. This novella was intended to be the centerpiece of Tales of the Macrofurs Volume 2, but with that project cancelled we figured we would just present it here.V-E-N

Haydara. An abused and neglected woman is given a magical chance to take revenge on all those who have wronged her. Will she give in to temptation? V-E-G-N

Two vignettes: No word for worry and Window Seat. Just two brief fictionlets about monstrous beings and their introduction to -- and interaction with -- the species known as "humanity."

We Interrupt This Program... A scientific experiment designed to make contact with other dimensions succeeds beyond the researchers' wildest dreams, and brings a horror into this world in the form of a group of colossal teenage raver-punks. V-E-G-N

Dream Big. Ken Sample has a muse that sometimes seems so real she might pop out of his head and start rampaging down the street. And that's just what she does in this tale.V-E-G

Die Donnerhuf. In the waning days of World War II the Nazis unleash their newest terror weapon on the advancing Allies. This story was a nod to (and is illustrated by) Rogue's good friend Gideon, so if you know his work, you won't be surprised by what you read. V-N (lots of N!)

Apotheosis. A pilot embarks on a mission to try to defend his world from a giant invader, only to wind up a prisoner of war. V-N

'Tis the Season. A city is invaded by the macro-pack, a gang of megawolves who have gathered to try to win the affections of a female. They do not take much care with the inhabitants, though. V-E-N

Girl's Night Out Part 3 of 3. Lyell has been very good of late...but then some local toughs messed around with her boyfriend. Not a good idea. V-E-G-N

First Love Part 2 of 3. Not all giant furries are of the smash'n'munch mindset -- not all the time, at least. This is the story of how Lyell met her boyfriend. N

Kenya's Heroine Part 1 of 3. Bet you never knew that Uganda once invaded Kenya! They didn't get terribly far, thanks to Lyell N!Godatu. This was Rogue's very first macrofurry story, by the way, and one of the earliest macrofurry stories on the internet. V-E-G-N