'Tis the Season
© 1997 Rogue

The following contains extreme violence, non-consentual sex, and mass destruction and death. But above all it's a love story.

Shewolf's nostrils quivered as she finally caught the scent of the males. Again she howled, and this time, far off, she heard their faint answer. She relaxed, much of her fear and confusion fading away.

She did not understand what had happened, or where the rest of the pack had gone. Her memory was clouded and filled with blurry images that bewildered her. The only thing that was clear was that she was in a new place, a strange place, and up until this moment, she had been alarmingly alone.

Now, at least, she knew where some of her pack-mates where. She could not see them through the swirling snow, but she knew they were there. Pausing to brush some of the snow from her fur with her hands, Shewolf started in the direction from which the howls had come.

Her foot came down in the middle of an overpass and crashed through it, throwing her off-balance. She flailed her arms to try to catch herself, but could not keep from falling. Her body landed upon warehouse, smashing through the roof and sending all four walls sailing outward. Some mice wriggled and squeaked in the wreckage and she snapped at them angrily. Fortunately, the contents of the building were soft, and she was able to stand up with little more than some ruffled fur. One of the mice had been crushed beneath her hand as it burst through the roof. Idly she licked her palm clean and started off through the snow.

She knew the males from their voices. They were young and rambunctious, newly adult but still pups in their heads. Their presence was a comfort, not only for their companionship, but for the reassurance that they provided for the future of the pack. It was time; she was in season, alive with ancient desires, and eager to choose a mate. No matter that her choice was going to be limited to one of three young scoundrels. If these were more certain times or more familiar country she would have the luxury of being choosy, but what was important now was the growth of the pack.

That, and the burning need within her. It ached now more than ever, quickening her pace. When first she had come here she had thought she was alone, and that had terrified her. She had been hungry and needful, lost and bewildered. With no others of her kind around, no answer to her desperate howls, and only alien scents on the air, she might well have laid down in despair and died. Fortunately, though, she had stumbled upon the mice.

How long had they lived in their crowded little city, untroubled by predators, that they would have lost both their fur and all of their survival instincts? They had not even known she was there as her towering form had emerged from the darkness, the whiteness of her fur mingling with the millions of snowflakes that surrounded her. The mice never caught her scent, even though she was upwind, and when her hands descended from the wintry sky and seized two of their number they simply scurried about in blind confusion. Driven onward by hunger, she had crammed these into her mouth and gulped them down alive, heedless of their short-lived struggles within her belly. Crouching, she had seized two more, one in each hand, and they had already vanished between her jaws before the remainder seemed finally to take note of her presence and began to flee.

She gave chase when they ran and hurtled down the street after them, and to her amazement, she felt their bodies crunching beneath her feet. That shouldn't be -- had they stopped running? Confused, she lifted her foot and peered down, and saw a little body, mashed flat, lying in one of her footprints. The rest were still moving away, but running as though so numbed by cold that they could barely move their legs, to the point that she could easily have overtaken them by walking.

Curious, she reached down and plucked one from the street and brought it to her nose. She sniffed carefully, wondering if it was sick. It squeaked plaintively at her, and its struggles seemed lively enough. Cautiously she placed it in her mouth and bit down. The little bones popped noisily and the blood that flowed over her tongue was warm. Nothing in the taste alarmed her. She decided the meat was good, and swallowed it. Strange as it was, there was nothing amiss. These mice, simply put, were slow.

That made hunting them easy. She started forward again, sharp eyes peering through the snow and spotting the fleeing mice as they scurried ahead of her feet. She herded them together and then crouched down again, gathering them up in her hands and bearing them to her mouth and gulping them down eagerly. Soon her belly began to fill, and she stopped, sitting down and leaning her head against a building, and let the remaining mice scamper out of reach.

The pangs of hunger had subsided, but without them, the unfulfilled need of her season began to gnaw more viciously at her. She whimpered, and tested the air once more. There was nothing. Her howl shattered windows on buildings and cars, but nothing but its own echo was returned to her. She was still alone in this strange place of slow- running mice, safe from starvation but doomed to suffer what was nearly a physical pain within her.

Shewolf blinked, and lowered her head further. Through one of the broken windows she saw a mouse peering out at her, its little naked body motionless. She cocked her head curiously, an idea taking shape, and suddenly thrust her hand through the window. The frame split and fell away as her fingers groped through the room, searching for the little creature. They felt only smooth walls and cold shapes. She withdrew her hand and peered into the hole, and saw no mouse within.

She could smell them, though. The building was full of them. She rose to all fours and began to sniff at the empty windowframes, ears forward, listening for the rustlings within. She reached in through one, and felt something brush her fingers before retreating into the maze of interior rooms. Growling softly, she reached into another, feeling her way about, feeling the walls crumbled and yield, until her fingers once more encountered something wriggly and warm. She trapped it against the floor and dragged it carefully to the window. It squeaked madly as she gathered it up into her fingers and lifted it out into the cold wintry air.

Her need was almost unbearable. Her hand shook a little as she gripped the mouse, and she looked about nervously. Groaning, she settled onto her back and lowered her little captive between her legs. It began to squeak more loudly as her scent surrounded it. The squeaks died out as she pressed it up against her quivering folds and pushed it firmly inside of her. The mouse immediately began a frantic wriggling, and with a yelp she clenched down hard on it, her body reacting vigorously to the tantalizing motion. She felt the mouse pop, and groaned.

Quickly she sat up and swept the broken body from her sex, and crawled back to the building to fetch another. None showed themselves at the windows, but her sensitive ears could hear them panting and simpering inside. She located the spot where they were thickest. Her hand crashed through the wall, fingers splayed, grabbing in the darkness. It withdrew again, a mouse trapped tightly in her fist, a second one hanging from one leg caught between her fingers. That was good! Snatching this one in her other hand, she sat forward and placed its body against a wall, and then pinned it in place with her foot. It twitched desperately against her pads, but could not escape.

Satisfied that she would have a substitute should her next plaything perish as quickly as the first, Shewolf lay back again and pushed the squirming handful into her eager sex. This time she was more attentive, fighting her body's urge to crush her little helper. She moaned and whined happily as its little body twisted and flailed, stroking her from within, and when it began to work itself free she met it with her fingers and pushed it in once more. Her body warmed as the pleasant teasing thrilled her. Her legs tensed -- the foot pinning the other mouse began to press it harder and harder against the wall, until the little body gave way and flattened out between her sole and the rock. She tensed further, arching her back, and the wall itself collapsed, her foot pushing into the building's innards. She did not notice, nor did she care. She was concentrating on the warmth inside of her, so much like the male she craved, its thrashing filling her senses and feeding the fires within her.

And then it stopped. Shewolf gasped and then snarled, her muscles clenching wildly, mashing the mouse into a soft pulp within her. With a savage growl she rolled to her belly and struck out at another building, ripping away its walls with her hands and hurling the wreckage aside. She found the mice huddled within and snatched them up by twos and threes. Rising to her knees she began to cram them frantically into herself, snarling and yelping as the pressure built, reaching for more mice and forcing them into her depths. With each struggling body she felt her hunger growing closer and closer to being sated, yet it seemed there were not enough mice in the world to give her the fulfillment that a proper male could provide. In desperation she slid forward and embraced the facade of an undamaged building and began to grind her sex against it, trapping the mice within her and leaving them to be ground into juice by her fluttering muscles.

The hunger exploded at last like a flash of lightning. Her breath caught in her throat. Her tongue fell from the side of her muzzle, flecked with foam. The building cracked and began to crumble as her body pressed against it. The flesh within her ceased its struggles and grew soft as she squeezed around it.

Her body slumped back into the darkness and the snow, becoming one with it, the white of her fur broken only by the redness between her thighs. Shivering, she sat up and swept the broken bodies from her depths and cleaned herself with her tongue and with handfuls of snow. The need, though still smoldering, was quieted for now.

That was when she heard a far-off sound, and she sat up quickly, ears pricked. She heard it again, a growl and then a yip, the familiar sound of rambunctious wolves roughhousing in the snow. Overjoyed, she scrambled to her feet and loosed a deafening howl, and this time it was answered.

Extracting herself from the ruins of the warehouse, she ran in the direction of the howls. Her legs crashed through buildings, slowing her; her feet slid on flattened vehicles and shrieking bodies, nearly tripping her again. Finally, through the snow, she saw the outlines of the three young males cavorting through the streets like oversized pups.

Quickly she skidded to a stop, and sat down languidly in the street to watch them. It would be improper for her to run up to them as though she were desperate to be mated. She knew where they were now -- it was up to them to come to her.

The males, meanwhile, were having a joyous time in this new place. Shewolf watched, bemused, as they tore into the buildings, smashing them with their burly fists and snatching up the mice as they streamed forth from the broken walls. They stuffed the mice into their mouths and bolted them down greedily, much like Shewolf had done earlier; yet, with the males, such manners were more a habit than a necessity of hunger. She watched as they growled at each other, fighting over singular tidbits while scores of others were being trampled beneath their feet. One of the big oafs was even busying himself with trying to dig a mouse out of a snowdrift where he had dropped it, even though a dozen or more lay wounded and perfectly edible within easy reach. Typical.

Two of the wolves took an interest in a skyway in which a number of mice had crowded. They tore it free from its moorings and held it up between them, sniffing at the broken ends and wagging their tails excitedly as the mice crowded into the center. The two simultaneously thrust their muzzles into the skyway with a shrieking of metal. Their tongues slapped wetly within the narrow tube, gradually approaching one another as the ends of the skyway began to split apart around the broad muzzles, which pushed inexorably deeper. Their warm breath fogged the Plexiglas walls, obscuring the scene as one by one the mice were licked into the wolves' mouths.

The other male perked his ears and spied the lights of a train picking its way through the darkened city. With a bark he leaped forward and stamped down hard on the engine, flattening it instantly, the remaining cars piling up behind it. The others, unwilling to allow their brother to have something interesting all to himself, abandoned their catch and descended, snarling, upon the train. Their huge hands tore the cars to shreds and seized the mice within, who seconds later were wallowing in the depths of the wolves' already-crowded stomachs. When only a few mice were left the tussles began again, the wolves yapping and snapping at one another, each trying to snatch the remaining mice from their brothers' jaws before they could be swallowed.

Shewolf grew impatient, and barked once.

Immediately the scuffle ended. One wolf raised his head and looked around. A mouse swung beneath his jaw, trapped by a single leg and squeaking pitifully. The wolf ignored it for a moment and then caught sight of Shewolf lounging in the street a few blocks away. Pricking his ears, he licked the mouse into his mouth and swallowed, and then trotted eagerly toward the female, his three brothers following close behind him.

Shewolf stretched out on her belly as the males approached and wagged her tail lazily. Lowering her head and feigning disinterest, she began to gnaw idly on a lamppost. The males crowded close to her, whimpering in excitement as her scent tickled their nostrils. She rolled over slowly, eyeing them coyly.

One of the males spun around and charged back to where he and his brothers had been playing. Searching the street, he finally located a mouse that was still alive and scooped it up. Returning, he set it down close to her and pushed it forward with his toes.

Shewolf lifted her head and glanced at the mouse, and then looked away in disinterest. The male pushed it closer, almost up against her arm, and this time she reached for it. Her fingers closed around its shivering body and brought it to her nose, where she sniffed it casually.

Then, sitting up, she dropped the mouse and let it limp away. The male looked devastated at the rejection, but perked up quickly as Shewolf leaned forward and began to nose at his sheath. Immediately he began to erect, and her tongue daintily tasted at him a few times before she stood up and padded down the street away from him.

The other males were also beginning to grow aroused, driven wild by her teasing. To them it was cruel, but to her it was simply practical. She was not about to make her choice lightly, and especially after she had had to resort to using mice to satisfy her need, she was not going to let the males off easily.

One of the wolves trotted up behind her, panting, his penis swaying stiffly ahead of him. He slid his arms around her waist and nudged at her tail with his erection, and was met by a sudden flurry of snarls and flashing teeth. Whimpering, he tucked his tail between his legs and retreated.

Satisfied that she had made her position clear, Shewolf led the males through the darkened streets for several blocks, and then sat down facing them. Nervously they began to display for her, huge muscles flexing beneath the fur, teeth bared at one another, each daring the other to pick a fight so that he could show the female his mettle. The largest suddenly threw his arms around a building and squeezed hard, wrenching the structure from its foundation and crushing it to powder in his embrace. He snarled at the smaller two, his eyes challenging them to show greater strength than that.

Suddenly they realized that Shewolf wasn't even watching them. She had risen to her feet again, and was peering down at a little mouse that was fleeing from the males' violent posturing. In its panic, it was running straight toward her, with its awkward, crawling gate. She stepped down in its path, watching with exaggerated interest as it stopped next to her foot, confused by the sudden appearance of this furry wall. Then, slowly, she lifted her foot and moved it over the little mouse, and let it settle down. The mouse squealed and kicked beneath her pads as she slowly leaned her weight onto it. Shewolf licked her whiskers, apparently enjoying the feeling of the little struggles beneath her foot, and pressed down further. The squealing grew feeble and stopped; the struggles ceased, and then with a slow, wet crunch, her foot settled to the pavement. A dark stain began to spread from beneath it.

Shewolf let her weight rest on the hapless mouse for a few moments, and then looked up at the males as if noticing them for the first time. Her tail wagged once, and then she turned and moved on, her anxious entourage shuffling behind her as before.

She stopped again when she saw a bus moving through the snow at her feet, its headlights barely piercing the swirling veil of flakes. Placing a dainty foot in its path to halt it, she stepped astride it and crouched down. Her thighs surrounded it, holding it in place as she began to drag her warm sex slowly to and fro along the roof, savoring the vibrations of its speeding motor. She cupped her breasts in her hands, growling softly and watching the entranced males as the bus roof gradually began to bend inward, forming a shallow bowl that caught her juices. When she felt that the males could take no more, she slowly stood up and moved off.

The males pounced on the bus even before she had stepped fully away. The mice that had managed to escape from it hastily scrambled on board again as the bus was surrounded by four eager muzzles, snuffling and drinking in the scent that bathed the vehicle.

Shewolf watched closely as the largest of the males licked at the collapsed roof of the bus and then, growling, gripped it in both hands and dragged it forward between his legs. His straining penis smashed powerfully through the forward end of the vehicle and sank inside, the metal groaning and the mice inside squeaking in agony and terror. The wolf panted roughly as the forward bumper pressed into his scrotum, and then he began to thrust into the battered vehicle, the squeaking from within rising anew. The other two wolves fought amongst themselves as each tried to get his muzzle closer to the maddening scent on the roof. Finally one prevailed, and kneeling to face his brother, he frantically rammed his own member into the opposite end of the bus. The mice that had been struggling to escape from that end were driven backward and crushed to death between the two pounding organs.

Shewolf had seen enough, though. She cast a scornful glance toward the loser, who stood aroused and trembling in the background, his tail tucked down between his legs and his head held low.

The largest wolf let out a deep grunt and his back arched. His seed, hot and thick, began to spill forth from the windows of the bus. He groaned as he spent himself, and then opened his eyes and saw Shewolf wandering off. With a yelp he withdrew, jumped to his feet, and ran off. The other wolf whined and realized the female was moving away just as he began his own climax. Shoving the bus away he scrambled to his feet in desperation, his aching penis spurting its load wildly onto the street and onto the surrounding buildings as he stumbled after her.

Shewolf had stopped next to a building and was resting on her knees, waiting for them. A sharp growl from her made them both skid to a halt before they could overrun her in their enthusiasm. She eyed them both, their white bodies blending into the snowy sky, only their hanging tongues and red, twitching penises visible. Playfully, she crawled forward and began to lap at the two heavy organs, licking away the mangled bodies and the blood and the seed. The larger growled and gripped her headfur and tried to thrust into her mouth. He nearly lost his malehood, and was sent scurrying back from her angry snarl. Shewolf was still very much in charge.

Standing slowly, she turned away from them and pressed herself against the corner of a tall building. She crooned and gave them a coy glance over her shoulder, and began to rub herself slowly up and down against the stone, marking it with her scent as she had the bus. She could hear the males panting behind her, and took her time, enjoying the pressure of the stone against her breasts. She sank down low, shivering as the windowsills bumped past the insides of her thighs, and then slowly stood straight again.

The males rushed toward the building as she stepped out of the way. Both reached it at the same time. The larger growled and snapped at the smaller who, not to be deterred, ducked in and delivered a painful nip on the larger's shoulder. Shewolf stepped back and watched placidly as the two began a savage brawl, biting and scratching, their snarls and barks filling the snowy air. They went down in a heap and began to roll, fists beating at one another, their legs kicking the nearby buildings to pieces, their bodies smashing trees and cars as they battled.

When the dust cleared, it was the smaller of the two who lay atop his brother in the center of the devastation. He growled, the larger wolf's throat clamped in his teeth. His brother whimpered, and finally submitted, his limps sprawling out weakly.

Panting, the smaller wolf turned and crawled to the building that Shewolf had marked. He nosed at the moist smear on the corner, his senses overwhelmed, his eyes glazing blindly. Rising to his feet, he gripped the building in his arms and thrust himself powerfully against the facade. The corner deflected his first blow, but on the second, the stone shattered, his penis punching a neat hole into it and crashing into the building's depths. He began to hump earnestly at it, his belly pounding against the facade, cracking it further and further with each blow. He trod from one foot to the other, grunting as he strove to thrust deeper. The upper floors shuddered violently; mice began to appear at the windows, staring stupidly at the massive wolf, who suddenly threw his head back and groaned deeply, his body tense and shivering. Slowly he withdrew, his pleasure pouring forth from the hole as his penis slipped free. The building swayed, and then with a groan that echoed that of the wolf, it collapsed upon itself, landing in a jumbled heap at the wolf's feet.

Panting, the male watched the building disintegrate, and then knelt down and began to paw through the rubble. He unearthed several dead mice, which he batted away, and finally he uncovered one which was lively enough to try to run. He caught it easily, and put it in his mouth, letting its legs kick freely. Wearily, he rose to his feet and turned toward his prize.

Shewolf stood behind him, licking her whiskers and wagging her tail. She nosed at the little flailing legs that he presented to her, his ritual present that told her he would provide for her. Gently, she parted her lips and gathered the little legs together with her tongue, signaling her acceptance by taking the mouse from him and swallowing it.

Smiling, the new Alpha slipped a protective arm around Shewolf's waist and led her away, with the two subordinate males following silently.

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