Other Macrofurry Sites
that Rogue thinks are pretty cool.

The following are some links to other sites with a solid macrofurry content. Most are kept here for historical purposes as many have not been updated in a megawolf's age. We have entered a different era, the world of Furaffinity and SoFurry and Inkbunny, and the days of artists keeping individual homepages are mostly behind us. Even Rogue has hopped on that bandwagon, although he will always maintain this site as a repository for his stories, artwork will pretty much not be updated -- after all, it's easily found by a simple search on any of those sites.

Rogue's very own FurAffinity page! Rogue decided that he was a webcomic artist, and needed a place to showcase his talent. Humor him. There's also plenty of images of Rogue "in the fur." Also, while there, don't forget to investigate the artists that Rogue is watching. If you're reading this now, trust us, you'll want to watch them too.

Rogue's very own YouTube page! Now you can get a victim's-eye-view of Rogue's rampages. The megawolf shows off his big ol' paws a lot, in conjunction with his favorite toys, the "Horrified B-Movie Victims" Figure Set. With sound effects by Sounddogs.com

The Macrophile.com main page: Below are some of those that Rogue particularly likes to visit (no slight to the others, of course! Just personal preference). And do not forget to visit the re-vamped discussion forums, frequented by many of your favorite artists and writers.

  • Doral. She's got sticky toes, a sticky tongue, and to her, people are just more bugs to eat. She also writes, and has put a couple of stories up for the pawsluts.

  • Arilin. A kickass writer and a creative genius. She's as big as Rogue, too! Here you will find some of the best macrofurry writings that can be found anywhere in the world.
  • Kolt. Don't be fooled; even his "gentle macrofurs" look awfully hungry!
  • Wolf Kidd. He likes guns, leather, busty babes...and giant busty babes in leather with guns.
  • Torrle. Torrle is a little wolf who likes to see big wolves step on things. I can't wait to invite him in for a demonstration.
  • Duncan Roo. Duncan is a giant green kangaroo -- yes, you heard me right -- who definitely likes living large. Some nice pictures and a story or two may be found here.
  • Seph Ebonblade. Not exactly my thing, but if your'e into titanic hosecocks, Seph is the artist for you!
  • Geemo. Geemo's got an endearing toony style. No squished bodies -- he's too nice for that -- but there's a lot of big, big bulges.
  • Astor. The long-necked, hyper-phallic macro apatosaur has finally gotten himself a spot on the net. He's got a nice collection of pictures that people have drawn of him and his girlfriend Viggen, the megazebra.

(The legendary) Ken Sample. The first and greatest of us all!

Bigfurs.com: A companion site to macrophile.com. It has a story archive and an active message board for all things big and furry.

Chaswari's Sunshiney Meadow of Dispair: Damn. Just...damn!

Moonbase Alpha: Home of the incomparable Moonstalker. It's said that he does not draw muscles; he draws architecture. And it is true. He creates some of the finest anatomy and facial expressions of any giant wolf around.

Big Clawz: At one time I thought I was the only person in the world who thought that the big clawed feet that movie monsters use to smash cities were downright sexy; that was before I met Dinosorceror. Now, all the way from Italy, a fellow macrophile who shares that particular quirk has collected some stills and some clips from TV, movies, and comics to celebrate this weird little diversion of ours. Say hello to...Giran!

Tyrrn Eaveranth: Tyrnn is a big green dragon who just loves to smash cities. He doesn't consider his day complete if he has not laid waste to at least 3 major urban areas. Definitely a dragon after my own heart! His page is a little sparse on updates. He's also got a pretty cool webcomic that has some macro content in it. Check out Boomer Express.

Lava Dome Five: Dinosorceror's museum of macrophilia. One of the most comprehensive sites on the subject in existence.

Nekono Fuguri: Not exactly furry, but close to it. Every young boy dreams about being a giant superhero. Fuguri's dream comes true. He finds out, though, that it isn't as easy as it looks. The site is human-macro (mostly schoolboys), but I still find it oddly endearing.

David von Foxkin: Showed up out of the blue one day with some comics detailing relationships between macrofurs and their puny lovers. The lad said that he'd been inspired by me. I'm touched! UPDATE: It is our sad duty to report that David von Foxkin passed away in February of 2017 of a heart attack. Here is to hoping that his artwork remains online for many years as a lasting memorial to his imagination.

American Kaiju: The home page of the jaw-droppingly talented Todd Tennant. He is a comic artist with a love of daikaiju that rivals even Rogue's. Swing by and check out his creature King Komodo, whose crushingly delightful antics have been published in Scary Monsters Magazine.

Sabrewing: Artwork with a very toony but endearing style. Much of it is non-macro but we won't hold that against him. After all, don't argue with a dragon. There's stories, too, so go and explore.

RipRoarRex: Now HERE is a monster after my own heart! A giant red tyrannosaur who loves to feel things crunch underfoot. Artwork and animations sure to set the macrophile's head spinning.

Rayverak: Computer renderings of giant scaly beasts who have a hobby of doing horrific and unspeakable things to little people. If you're less than 7 feet tall, you might wind up somewhere quite mind-boggling, so don't say we didn't warn you.

Now that's macro!