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The part of Rogue that
most people see first.

Rogue animated by Tyrnn!
(Shockwave Flash file)

A silly comic:
Rogue vs. Sylvia

Tyrnn gives Rogue a taste of
what real size is about!

Just a doodle.

Just another doodle.

Rogue joins the
Boston Marathon.

Showing the French
his opinion of them.

Fun with aircraft
(and Tyrnn earns his blue dot!)

Rogue engages in
his favorite hobby.

Restaurants can double
as frisbees!

The results of an
inauspicious typo.

Tyrnn sent Rogue a nice Christmas present in a big yellow envelope. Of course, he could not resist decorating the outside. Here is what Rogue was given when he grabbed the mailman that day:

The front.

The rear.