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Paws, meet building

An early Teaselbone
drawing of Rogue.

Rogue helps keep
the riffraff out.

Beautiful dreamer...
(Someone's gonna die!)

Someone's really gonna die!

So that's where
that bulge comes from!

How sweet! Teaselbone
remembered Rogue's birthday!

Rogue gets Pink curtains
for Christmas, and Teasel
gives him hell for it...

...but redeems himself by
by giving Rogue a picture
to celebrate 100,000 hits!

Rogue takes the A-Train

Another nice birthday pic!

Rogue and Duncan Roo
get into a snowball fight!

Just a giant puppy
deep down inside

Rogue on his way to Anthrocon

150,000 hits!

At the Paw-Wash...

at the Paw-Wash, yeah...!

Happy Birthday, 2003!

Silly wolf, having fun.

Demolition -- Megawolf Style!

Just...don't ask.

New sketchbook cover

Sketchbook first page.

We've reached...the end!

Rogue can sometimes
be rather nice...

Most times, though, he is
not so nice.