A Personal Message From Rogue.


Let's get one thing clear from the outset. You're all just meat to me.

Look at you. You're tiny. You're defenseless. All you can do when I show up is squeal and run around in helpless terror. I can gulp you down by the handful and nothing can stop me. I can step on you and laugh while you crunch beneath my feet. Face it -- to me, you're just bugs.

But you're my bugs. If anyone is going to slaughter you by the thousands it's going to be me. I do not take kindly to anyone showing up around here and knocking over the buildings where my prey is hiding. So for now -- and only for now -- I'm going to let you be. Instead, I'm going to hunt down these little sand-fleas who trespassed in my territory, and I'm going to show them what happens when you fuck with the megawolf. I got the feeling that their meat is going to taste real good to me.

So relax. Rebuild your cities. Hell, build'em even bigger. It's more food for me. I'll be back, and when I am I'll be hungrier than ever.

In the meantime, for just a little while, we're going to be on the same side.

At 8:45 AM on September 11, 2001, terrorists hijacked several US airliners laden with fuel for cross-country flights and deliberately crashed them into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The World Trade Center buildings collapsed, killing thousands, including hundreds of brave rescue workers who risked -- and lost -- their lives in an attempt to save others.

Rogue is not known for eloquent speeches, and despite the wording of the sentiments above, what he is trying to say is that he is sad for America's loss. Those who know him have learned that beneath his savage and predatory exterior is a sensitive heart. He cried on September 11, although he would never admit it and is likely to stomp on anyone who brings the matter up.

Immediately upon hearing of the tragedy Rogue had his page removed from the web. He felt that stories and artwork glorifying the destruction of large buildings was inappropriate in light of the horrifying events of September 11. It took two months to convince him to make them available again, and as the date of return he chose November 11. It is a day when America pauses to remember its fallen soldiers -- Rogue's nemeses in his stories, but ones for whom he has the utmost respect deep in his heart.

The artwork and stories that are to be found in these pages are intended for entertainment. They are works of pure fantasy, and are in no way meant to cheapen the tragedy, nor are they intended to show any disrespect for the victims and their families. After all, it is important for America to carry on, for in allowing the evil zealots who perpetrated this crime to alter our way of life or our way of thinking is to provide them with the victory they have sought. Our best way to defeat them is to be brave, to show them that they cannot frighten us, and to prove that their efforts to affect us were in vain...

...and, of course, once we catch them, to grind them slowly into the desert sands beneath our feet until their agonized screams are finally silenced.

Not all of the dreams are brutal. "If Only...", by Heather Savia.