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Helicopters ain't what
they used to be!

Rogue doing what
he loves best!

Rogue is a little too big!

"Can I have
your autograph???"

stands up to Rogue...

...and doesn't
get too far!

Does this
belong to you...?

Is a megawolf destroying your cities?
Find him another hobby!

Goodbye, Mistarro!

Waiting for Santa, Christmas 1999

Rogue does community service.

Revenge is sweet!


A very sweet present
for Rogue's birthday!

And a nice present
for Person's birthday!

Just relaxing with a friend...

...then back to marauding!

Boxers or briefs?

Safety Rule #12

There's only one person
that Rogue listens to.

Oh, heck...I think we
got a little too close!