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Nothing like a nice scratch
at the end of a long day!

Rogue's own convention badge.
Nobody in particular in his hand.

Cougar's commission
Wishful thinking?

Just an innocent stroll.
Or is it?

Only Jim...


Rogue:   "Where am I supposed to be? Behind the big stupid-looking wolf?"

Rogue hits the big time with appearances in West Corner of the Park, a weekly online strip drawn by the one and only Jim Groat, creator of Red Shetland, Equine the Uncivilized, and many others. The series is a brilliant spotlight on the foibles of FurryMUCK, a lampooning of its denizens as seen through the eyes of a bitter, pistol-toting old rabbi.

Curious? You should be! Check out Jim's other creations, including the whole West Corner of the Park series, at The GraphXPress home page. While you are there, why not take a moment to purchase some of Jim's magnificent and highly-collectible artwork in the form of commissions or back issues of Red Shetland? You really want to, believe us! You see, Jim and Rogue have something of an agreement. If you buy Jim's stuff, you get some really neat stuff. If you don't...well, megawolves gotta eat, you of nature, and all that....