Yonggary vs. Cyker is now available from asiandb.com!

I just got mine in the mail today. There's two things of interest to note about the film:

a) The original version was shown in English in Korea, and is not available on video.

b) This is the "International Version", which is intended for worldwide audiences...and it is dubbed in Korean.

The plot is trite. The special effects are crude. The dubbing is absolutely abysmal. And I love it! Yonggary is a kickass monster who isn't afraid of causing a little mayhem.

I have digitized a few choice monster-scenes from the film and have placed them in Real Media format for my fellow monster-fans to preview. You can find them HERE. Beware! There are spoilers on that page, and if you are worried about having the plot given away, don't go there.

Real Media clips from the film

Yonggary Gallery

These still images were borrowed from a Korean-language site that offered them in slideshow format; sadly, it does not work for many browsers. They are presented here in a format that most browsers can handle, and for those who do not read Korean. Click on an image below for a closer view.

Below is a portion of an *.mpg clip which was found on yet another Korean- language site. I took the liberty of editing it down from its original 11 Mb size to just over 1 Mb. It's only a few seconds long, but it's very good quality. The scene is reminiscent (to me) of the original Yongary, particularly where the monster picks up a soldier, examines him cooly, and then tosses him aside. Here we see Yongary stepping on some fleeing people with a particularly deliberate air. This is definitely a monster after my own heart.

"Pesky bugs..." (6-second MPEG format, 995 kb).


Click HERE for the full-length preview from which the above clip was taken. It is 65 seconds long, and shows Yonggary's awakening. High-quality MPEG format, 11 Mb.

Here is yet another brief clip extracted from a preview found on a Korean-language site. It shows what happens immediately before and immediately after the clip shown above. Some of the best footage (pun intended) that I've seen!

"Outta my way!" (10-second MPEG format, 1.38 Mb).
No audio on this one -- sorry! It kept the size down, at least.


Click HERE for the full-length preview from which the above clip was taken. It is 4.2 minutes long, and shows some highlights from the film. High-quality MPEG format, 42.4 Mb (big)!


Real Video format: 2 min. 12 sec. Low quality, 3 Mb.

MPEG Format: High quality, but enormous -- 24 Mb.

Some Posters

Look at those abs! Our boy's obviously been working out.

Yonggary links

http://younggu-art.com/yonggary/ (English and Korean)



http://www.yonggary.com (Korean and English)