Xydexx's Thanksgiving Trip
© 1997 Rogue

The following is a story about an inflatable unicorn. The author will thus dispense with any disclaimers about this being a work of fiction. There are some rather nasty scenes of mass destruction and some decidedly adult themes, as well as inflationism and the obligatory macrophilia. If any of the above are going to bother you, then you shouldn't be reading this anyway, so sod off.

Xydexx appears courtesy of Karl Jorgensen.

Xydexx crouched down further in his seat at the rear of the bus and pulled his hat down over his eyes. The oversized vinyl coat squeaked loudly against his latex skin as his weight shifted, and he froze, eyes darting from side to side. No one else heard, or perhaps were just too tired to care. Still, he did not want a repeat of the incident at the airline counter.

"You're a balloon!" the agent had barked.

"No, I'm not," Xydexx had stammered back. "I'm an ... ah ... accountant."

"Fuck me. You're a balloon."


"You're a balloon shaped like a horse. We don't take balloons. FAA regulations. Next!"

"U-unicorn..." he'd said weakly, but the security guards were already flanking him.

Luckily for him, bus-ticketing agents aren't as observant. Still, he was nervous as he edged up to the window, his collar turned up and his hat pulled down as far as possible. "N-New York," he'd squeaked, laying down ninety dollars in singles and loose change.

The agent handed him his ticket without even looking up.

Now he was on his way at last! The air inside of him grew warm as he thought ahead to his arrival. It had been a long, painful year, but the waiting was about to pay off. In just an hour's time, he would be off the bus and standing in the presence of the One, the Only...the Panther!

The image on the TV screen had changed his life. It was not unlike any other Thanksgiving, when Xydexx had sat down to watch the parade and gaze wistfully at the massive balloons gliding through the streets. Sure, many of them were attractive, but none had stolen his heart the way this pink latex titan had.

Xydexx had almost popped when the Pink Panther first appeared around the corner of the Admiral Building. The cameras had zoomed in close, revealing every curve, every contour, every ripple in the gossamer skin as the November winds brushed over it. A sudden strong gust swirled beneath and pulled the Panther upright, where he had stood tall and proud, flexing...

...and then he was gone. The cameras cut to some filthy little children singing off-key Christmas carols. Xydexx stood transfixed, mouth agape. He knew at that moment that he was in love, and that he could never rest until he had seen the pink giant up close, had spoken with him, touched him, caressed his smooth skin, pressed against him, licked...

The air inside Xydexx's body heated further, and suddenly a button popped on his coat. Horrified at the sudden expansion, he clutched his lapels and held tightly, trying to deflate a little. Cool thoughts, cool thoughts. November wind. Snow. Chattery teeth. Panther -- NO! Icicles...

Slowly his body shrank back down, and he hid inside his coat for another hour until the bus finally drew into the terminal. When the doors opened, he scurried out and darted into the shadows, of which there were many at the terminal. Gotta relax, he told himself. Gotta be patient. You're almost there.

A year of sleepless nights and endless days was nearly done. He could think of nothing else. The Panther's towering form filled his thoughts, night and day. He had determined early on that he simply had to find some way to get to New York; there was no way he could survive another year, or he would go mad. The trip, though, was not a simple matter. Jobs for balloon animals are few and far between, and it was all Xydexx could do to scrape together the money for his fare.

He'd made it, though. A year of suffering, of longing, of dreadful desire was about to pay off.

He started off from the bus station with a springier step than usual, and simply followed the crowds to the parade route. Once there, he thought, he would simply make his way to the parade's origin and seek out the Panther, maybe have a word with him, even make a date for afterward.

The crowd, though, had other ideas. The sidewalks were packed tightly with people, so tightly that Xydexx found himself penned in. People pushed in tighter and tighter, compressing him; he felt the air rush to his head, which began to swell alarmingly. His hat rose up to the pinnacle of his horn as his head grew larger and rounder, his body squeezed flat by the crush of the crowd. A breeze caught his horn and spun his head around, twisting his neck tightly, cutting off his lower body.

A pair of hands suddenly smacked rudely into his chin. His head shot into the air, dragging his deflated lower body from inside of his coat, leaving it trailing forlornly behind him. He tumbled, caught by the wind, down toward the crowd, where another pair of rough hands swatted him skyward once more. In this fashion he was bounced, like an unhappy beachball, along the length of the parade route.

Still, he thought, as he realized he was approaching the parade's starting point, it's not a bad way to travel.

The crowd thinned out as he reached the line-up. His head hit the ground and came to rest; his lower body flipped around and around until the twist in his neck was freed, and the air rushed back into his limbs with an audible whoomp. He lay there, dazed, for several moments, watching clowns and marchers tramp past him, and finally he found the strength to stand up.

He realized with a start that he no longer had his disguise. No matter. No one was paying any heed to him here, assuming no doubt that he was simply part of the parade. Smiling, he trotted after the marchers as they moved into place, and then wound his way through the assemblage, peering up at the monstrous balloons that hovered overhead. It was all he could do to maintain his composure as he ran faster and faster, watching the giant latex bodies drift by. There was Snoopy, and Rocky the Squirrel, Bullwinkle (who was almost as cute as the Panther, Xydexx thought), Superman, Batman, somebody-or-another-man...and then Frosty, and then the end.

There was no Panther.

Xydexx stood dumbstruck. How could he have missed the Panther? Turning, he ran back along the ranks of marchers, bouncing off of a few in his haste, all the way to the head of the parade. Then, with a whimper, he ran back, stumbling now, panting with anxiety.

They couldn't do this to him! Not after he'd waited so long!

Panting, he stumbled over to a Roustabout who was warming himself by a truck's exhaust pipe. He seized the man by the coat. "Where's the Panther?" he shrieked, eyes wide. "Where's the Panther?"

"What the hell? What Panther?"

"The Pink Panther!" Xydexx screamed. "I saw him last year."

The roustabout snorted and pushed the frantic unicorn away. "No Panther," he grunted.

"But there HAS to be!"

"I said, no Panther. No room this year."


"I said there's no room. Now beat it, ya stupid balloon, or I'll pop you one."

Xydexx stood helplessly while the roustabout shuffled off, snickering at his little joke. "No Panther," he whimpered. "No Panther." A whistle screeched from somewhere ahead, and the marchers began to file past. Before long, he was left standing by himself, sniffling.

"No Panther." The words rolled again and again off of the miserable unicorn's tongue. Every living minute of the past year was being replayed through his mind. After all that time spent looking forward to this day, the disappointment was too much to bear.

He was still standing when the street was opened behind the parade, and he never saw the truck coming. There was a terrific impact that flattened him briefly against the grill, and then he was being hurled through the air and spun end over end. He struck a piece of cardboard that had been taped over a broken windowpane, burst through it, and came to rest atop a pile of oily rags inside a service station that had been closed for the holiday.

His head spun, as much from the bitter disappointment as from the wild ride he'd just had. Sitting up, he could see across a vacant lot as the parade's leaders trooped along the next street. The procession must have looped around after its initial lineup. That meant that the big balloons would pass him once more, their smiling faces mocking him. Each one would turn to him as it went by and would whisper, "Sorry -- not the Panther!" Then they would laugh. The whole crowd would laugh.

Something snapped inside of Xydexx. Grinning insanely, he cast about the darkened garage, until his gaze fell upon an air hose coiled like a sleeping snake upon the floor. "No Panther," he giggled, scrambling toward the hose. "No Panther for Xydexx, hee hee hee!" Seizing the hose, he clawed his way along its length until he found its end. "I'll show them why they need the Panther." Laughing hysterically now, he thrust the nozzle into his mouth and closed his lips around it. His tongue pressed against the core.

Instantly, air began to rush into him. His body fell to its back as his legs swelled, growing longer, thicker. His thin latex skin stretched thinner still, until it strained against itself. Still he held his tongue against the core, savoring the feeling of the cold air gushing past his throat. His hooves reached the far wall and began to press against it; his horn broke through the door into the cashier's office and quickly began to fill it. His belly nudged aside the hanging fluorescent lights.

The paradegoers on the next street were distracted from the festivities by a crash of glass. They turned, camcorders whirring, in time to see the big windows of the gas station burst outward. It was followed by a low rumble as one wall gave way. A massive, air-filled hoof pushed forth from the rubble, and was followed by another. The front of the station collapsed as an arm emerged. Even the marchers themselves paused, the procession piling up behind them, as an immense, translucent form expanded upward from beneath the rubble, the battered roof of the station resting upon its belly.

Xydexx sat up, sending the roof crashing to the street below. The hose leading to his mouth stretched taut, and finally popped free and slithered back to the ground. The mangled cashier's office was still impaled upon his horn, and with a shake of his head he sent it hurtling off into the distance. Slowly he stood up, and with a single stride, crossed the empty lot. He took another step, and his big round hoof landed in the midst of the crowd. They were pinned down flat beneath the overstretched latex, their silhouettes visible through it as they twitched and fought for air. Xydexx grinned wildly as he gazed downward, and with a roar like thunder he bellowed, "YOU GUYS FORGOT THE PANTHER!"

The crowd stood bewildered, unsure what to make of this. Xydexx's eyes burned with an insane passion, a far cry from the serene expressions of the other balloons. Their uncertainty turned to panic, however, as the maddened unicorn began to walk forward, treading on the paradegoers like so many daisies. They scrambled to get out of his path, but their very numbers held them trapped. Each step of the giant brought a wide hoof down upon a dozen unlucky bodies, and though his weight was not enough to crush most of them, the press of the latex left many smothered to death in his wake. Almost as horrifying, and moreso to network censors, the unicorn was growing visibly aroused with each step, his huge penis steadily inflating.

Xydexx strode onward purposefully, toward the waiting balloons. "Beat it, Blondie," he growled to Dudley Dooright, and smacked him aside. "You're not my type." He pushed past Snoopy and Rocky, and found himself facing Bullwinkle, whose roustabouts had abandoned their lines and left the moose floating awkwardly. "Well, now," Xydexx sneered. "You aren't any Pink Panther, but you'll do in a pinch!" Seizing Bullwinkle by the horns, he dragged him over to a near by office building and pushed his belly down upon its roof. Xydexx lay upon Bullwinkle's back, pinning him, and there was a long, shrill squeal of rubber on rubber as Xydexx forced his erection roughly under the moose's tail.

Bullwinkle seemed helpless to struggle as the monstrous unicorn began to thrust, groaning with desire, the squeak of his flesh against the moose's nearly deafening the surrounding crowd. Xydexx bucked hard. gripping the wide horns like handles, half-flattening the moose against the roof. The squeaking rose in intensity as Xydexx's thrusts grew faster, more insistent. The din rattled windows and sensitive spines all along the street, until at last Xydexx threw his head back and grunted, his body quivering. Bullwinkle's normally-wide eyes bulged further as his body swelled abruptly. With Xydexx still pressed against his back, the moose grew outward, until with a terrific bang that shattered the office windows he burst, leaving Xydexx to collapse in a panting heap against the building amidst a shower of moose-colored latex scraps.

Xydexx whinnied softly, catching his breath. The moose had been a poor substitute for the Panther, and whereas his lust was somewhat satisfied, his anger was not. The sheer audacity of these people to keep the Panther out of the parade, and to do it so callously, drove Xydexx into a rage. He began to believe that they had done it simply to spite him. Somehow they had found out everything he had gone through in order to have a single moment with the Panther, and they had plotted to deny him that single tiny shred of joy. "No Panther!" He wondered how much they had paid that roustabout to mock him?

Well, they were not going to get away with it!

With an angry bellow Xydexx leaped to his feet. He kicked through the shredded remains of the unfortunate Bullwinkle and thumped after the fleeing crowd. "Where are you going?" he taunted. "I thought you guys LIKED parade balloons?" Stooping, he snatched up a handful of people and brought them to his face. Sneering, he opened his hand and bounced the shrieking citizens helplessly upon his taut palm. "See? Boingy boingy boingy! Aren't balloons fun?" His expression turned cold. "Of course they're fun! All except the Pink Panther, that is!" He stopped bouncing and closed his hand, squeezing the tiny bodies in his fist until they stopped moving. "Why else would you have left him out of the parade? Oh, no, New York doesn't LIKE the Pink Panther, does it?" Scornfully he flung the bodies aside and strode forward, trampling into the center of the crowd. He stooped again, sweeping up another handful. "Or do you only like him when I'm not around?" He began to bounce them between his hands, juggling them awkwardly. "What's that? I can't hear you!"

The only answers were screams as Xydexx, being a terrible juggler, dropped them one by one. Shrugging, he kicked his way through the crowd for another few blocks, then crouched down and grabbed a single man from their midst. He held him between two fingers. "How about you? Do you like the Panther?" The man only shrieked wildly, and Xydexx snorted. "No? Oh, well." Throwing his head back, he tossed the little man into his mouth and swallowed, feeling the tiny body bounce off the back of his tongue and plunge into his depths. He picked up another. "How about you? Big Pink Panther fan? No?" He did not give this one time to answer before he gulped it down as well. The two bodies swirled around within him, their silhouettes visible through his skin as the air currents inside his body carried them this way and that.

Xydexx reached down and seized a brimming handful. "Nope, no Panther fans here!" He stuffed them greedily into his mouth and bolted them down whole, giggling as their fingers squeaked against his rubbery tongue, their struggles tickling his insides. "Too bad!" He laughed and launched himself forward, belly-flopping onto the crowd. "Not one Panther-lover in the crowd! What's this world coming to?" he roared as his arms swept forward, trapping hundreds of people in their embrace. He began to sweep them inward, herding the shrieking mob toward his mouth. Helpless, they were pushed inside by the dozens and swallowed alive, the giant gulping repeatedly. He gathered the last few stragglers up with his tongue before standing up, leaving a perfect unicorn-shaped pattern of suffocated bodies upon the street.

He saw a swirling in the crowd ahead of him, like water spinning down the drain. Curious, he tramped forward, and saw to his amusement that they were clambering down the stairs of a subway platform. Whinnying with laughter, Xydexx knelt down before the entrance and peered inside with one eye. "What, the Panther's down there, you say? Can he come out and play?" Snickering, he thrust his muzzle against the opening. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!" he crowed. His huge tongue thrust out and snaked around the entrance, catching those nearest to it and licking them into his mouth. This way he caught only a few; his tongue was simply not long enough to reach them all. Sealing his lips around the entrance, then, he squeezed his eyes shut and sucked in as powerfully as he could.

A hurricane wind crashed through the station, dragging scores of shrieking people toward the entrance. Xydexx's body began to swell even further as the air rushed into him, carrying more and more victims into his belly. Some of them, by sheer chance, were tumbled about his innards and finally blown up into the wide chamber of his penis, still erect even after his encounter with Bullwinkle. There they scrambled about, beating at the thin latex walls with their hands.

Xydexx's breath caught, and his eyes flew open wide. "Oh-oh," he groaned, shivering. "You shouldn't have done that!"

Those close to the entrance who had managed to hold on during the gale saw the huge unicorn's lips move up and out of sight, to be replaced by the monstrous head of his penis. They barely had time to yelp before it was stuffed down into the entryway and slid over their bodies, pressing them tightly against the concrete. Here they fought and thrashed, their struggles joining with those within the stretched latex tube, as it dragged roughly to and fro over them.

Neighing in delight, Xydexx lay down flat upon the street and began to hump eagerly at the subway tunnel, the tickling along the length of his erection, both inside and out, driving him into a frenzy. His vision blurred as the heat within him rose, expanding his body, his enormous member plugging the tunnel ever tighter and further squeezing the trapped citizens. He rump rose and fell in a jaunty rhythm as his hips bounced upon the pavement, each impact reverberating with a hollow whoomp. He felt his loins tighten, his scrotum drawing up against the immense inner pressure, and then his pleasure burst forth. Subway gratings exploded upward from the sudden rush, blowing bodies high into the air in showers of spinning limbs. In front of his nose a manhole cover burst upward, and a pretty blonde woman rose upward, bouncing and bobbling on a geyser of air.

Ah, well. Waste not, want not, he thought, and snapped her up.

Swallowing this last morsel, Xydexx groaned and dragged his swollen erection from the tunnel. He rose to his knees, letting the living contents of the tube slide back down into the tempest of his belly. For the first time he noticed the approach of a semi truck as it careened through the empty street, heading straight for him. It screamed to a stop a few blocks away. Xydexx watched curiously as the top of the truck flew open and folded back, revealing a pink expanse within.

Xydexx gasped and froze.

The pink mass rolled from the truck and began to rise upward with a hiss of compressed air.

Xydexx felt himself growing warm again, his skin stretching to its limits.

Like a pink amoeba the mass rose higher, and slowly began to take shape. Ears appeared, a whiskery muzzle. Behind it, a thin, ropy tail began to writhe.

Xydexx gulped and nearly fainted. It was him. At last, it was him!

The Panther rose before his eyes, limbs filling out, chest swelling, his face turning its characteristic self-confident smirk toward Xydexx. The unicorn shuffled back a step at first, but then built up his courage and slowly stepped forward. "H-hi," he stammered. "I'm...um....My name is Xydexx."

A breeze swirled around the Panther's head, which bobbed slowly up and down in reply.

"Ah. Hi. Again. Um...I'm really, really glad to meet you. I've been wanting to for a long time." He shuffled his feet nervously.

The hissing continued, and the Panther's arms rose up slowly in front of his body.

Xydexx looked down at his hooves. "I was wondering if, you know, you and I...maybe we could get together sometime. Talk a bit."

A chill November wind rose up from the South, behind the Panther's back. He leaned ponderously forward, his arms encircling the startled unicorn. Xydexx squeaked, eyes wide. "Or, maybe now, if you aren't too busy. I mean, I could understand if you were bus-*

The wind blew harder. The Panther's head bowed forward, and the tip of his muzzle pressed against Xydexx's, silencing him abruptly. The unicorn trembled and whimpered for several seconds, until the Panther finally lifted his head again, breaking the kiss. Xydexx gulped and smiled. "Well...I'm free now, too. Shall we?"

The Panther's head bobbed slowly up and down. Smiling, Xydexx slid an arm around the thin pink waist. The Panther turned with him, and together they strode off, leaving the other balloons drifting enviously behind them.

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