Tales of the Macrofurs
Volume 1: The Big Boys
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Long recognized as one of the first creators of macrofurry stories on the internet, Rogue was recently approached by a publisher who was eager to put some of the giant wolf's tales into print. Naturally Rogue had no idea what any of it meant, but we thought it would be a nice thing so we did it for him. Tales of the Macrofurs, Volume 1: The Big Boys brings together seven of Rogue's classic stories along with two new ones that have never been released to the public, a collection completed by cover art by the renowned Crux Lo. These tales deal with giants of the male pursuasion, some mild-mannered, others not so much, but all of which find themselves in situations with humanity which are best not discussed with young folks present. We have carefully arranged them such that the more kindly giants are presented first while those with more savage personalities lurk in the final pages in a relentless spiral into the unspeakable.

The classic stories have been reworked for publication, given an extra coating of polish so that they shine in ways that only megalupine slobber can achieve. Those with a prurient interest in giants who are less -- or more -- than human are invited to purchase this collection with our personal assurance that your chances of being devoured by Rogue are reduced by at least 30% if you should encounter him while holding a copy in hand, but please, only those over the age of 18 need apply. We would not want to be responsible for shattering any young minds.

CONTENTS of Volume 1
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Forward. Some words of wisdom from the megawolf himself on the nature of our fascination with giant beasts.

Fire, Ice, and Sin. Young Brian's friends drag him off on a unique outing for his eighteenth birthday, where he finds quite a big surprise in store.

Dubwana the Freshman. A college student is thrilled to learn that a new student is on the way, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase "big man on campus."

Dubwana's Freshman Summer. Dubwana settles in to college life with his new friend and begins to explore the different ways that people of different backgrounds -- and sizes -- may relate.

An Afternoon at Number Twenty-One. A helpless man is attacked by a massive beast and held prisoner in his home. More shocking than what he must endure is who sent the demon to torment him.

Havoc. A dragon is rudely interrupted during his mating flight and takes his frustrations out on the puny beings who ruined his date.

Jailbird. An intergalactic fugitive crash-lands on an alien world where he finds himself in a unique position to do as he pleases with the miniscule natives.

The Holocene Extinction. Did you ever wonder what caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, or the great mastodons? Wonder no more, because it is about to happen again.

Delusions of Grandeur. What would you do if you were granted the power to place a tiny town and all of its inhabitants at your mercy, with no witnesses?

Can't Spell Slaughter Without Laughter. In a world of giants, life can be hard for those of small stature, particularly when some giants take an intense delight in creating carnage.

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