Stories By Rogue - The Big Gals
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that Rogue had a paw in creating

The following tales are told by Rogue and transcribed here for the benefit of the reader. They are not to be distributed or reposted to any other medium without Rogue's express permission. To do so would be to incur Rogue's anger, which constitutes "Risking a Catastrophe," which is a Federal offense.

For the benefit of our readers with sensitive dispositions (although we wonder why such people would be looking at Rogue's page in the first place), we have added alphabetical tags to each story to warn of content that may cause distress:

  • V. Violence. Buildings are gonna get knocked down and people are gonna get killed.
  • G. Gore. There will be blood.
  • E. Eating, namely of people (it's a wolf writing these stories, after all).
  • N. Naughtiness. People will be involved in sexual situations, possibly unwillingly.

Rogue likes to get feedback on his stories, too. It makes him happy. We like to keep him happy. Please feel free to send any comments to and we will be certain he gets them.

Roughing the Runt, by Bennie. Lilpaw dreams of being able to stand up to the bullies of the pack and maybe even winning a mate for himself. Such dreams are forever out of reach of the runt...or are they? V-E-G-N

A Matter of Perspective, by Bennie. A giant, savage beast attacks a lupine village whose inhabitants are saved only by...well, let's just say that the story answers a very common question. V-E-G

Ghost Writer, by Eddie Canis. Rogue discovers for the first time that despite being a raging force of Nature, he actually has a fan club. V-E-G-N

The Macro Explorer, by Johnman. A wayfaring stranger teaches Rogue that human beings have more uses than food or pleasure toys. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks?

Williard, A Rat's Tale, by Swft. A lab rat escapes from his cage and makes it out into the world where he finds to his surprise that he is growing steadily more intelligent...and steadily larger. V-E-G-N